Book Review- Multibaggers

March 28, 201810:36 am

Hi there,

There has been a countless number of books written on Stock market investment but the book that changed my perspective on investing is a hardly known book called as Multibaggers: How to Profit from Mega Return Stocks”.

The book’s definition of Multibagger are those Companies whose share price gives you atleast 10 times return.

I got to learn a lot of perspective about investing from the book. I am just mentioning 3 of them:

1. “One should not invest in the market for a random 10% gain but to make 10 times of his money”. That had hit me at a time when I used to sell good companies for a gain of a mere 10% to maximum 20%.

2. The other point that helped me to hunt multi-baggers is the Price to Sales Ratio(Market Capitalization to Net Sales ratio) is much more important than Price to
Earning ratio.

3. Good companies can become multi-bagger only if bought at the right price.

Also, there are numerous examples and guidance/tools given to find such stocks.

I personally prefer books by Indian authors than foreign ones, as I can relate to the examples given by them and I found these books to be more practical than theoretical.

The author of the book is “Tejaswy Nandury”.
Given the impression the book had on me, I tried to search for the author and he is CEO of ICFAI.
A little more information about him is here: Link

You can buy the book using the link: Multibaggers

Also, I found a video on Youtube that provides you with the gist of the book. Video

Please write back to me in case you want to share your opinion about the book.



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